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Chapter 1 focuses on metering pumps that perform all possible metering tasks, ranging from micrometering pumps to pumps delivering up to 75 l/h at a maximum back pressure of 60 bar. Chapter 2 goes on to present durable and easy-to-operate transfer and peristaltic pumps for pure pump capacities, as well as the matching components, like sturdy ... Suction valves, ventilation duct valves, valves for filter plant, sawdust, dust extraction, extraction, ventilation ducts and fittings Tmfroqd0t Length 470 mm Connector ø 500 mm -mechanical flap -Sheet steel -1 x slides available Award pieces Dimensions 550/470 mm Weight 22 kg more This valve is commonly used on multi-outlet machines and allows operators to work independently of each other on blast operations. Ideally suited for use with MPV, MPV-II, or MVC-100 metering valves. Ideally suited for use with MPV, MPV-II, or MVC-100 metering valves.

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FID000307Vacuum suction filter, for which the filter elements are automatically cleaned with compressed air, equipped with an explosion-proof hatch. Used for transport-suction of abrasive, metal or static materials (small amount of air). Bhmh8bdnsd more Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps handle abrasive sludge, paste, and slurries at 100% volumetric accuracy. Bredel hose pumps completely contain the pumped fluid in a long-life hose, preventing operator contact with chemicals, slurries or sludge. Abrasive Metering Valves & Spares; Remote Control Valves & Spares; ... Heavy Duty Suction Blast Cabinet . As low as £4,495.00. Blast Cabinets. Heavy Duty Pressure ...

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Suction blast systems provide a particularly economical answer to most blasting applications. Abrasive Metering Valves, Blasting Service and Supplies 1300 727 240 Bantam Abrasive Metering Valve 1" Bantam Metering Valve 1014100 - $344.95 1 1/4" Bantam Metering Valve 1014101 - $348.95 1 1/2" Bantam Metering Valve 1014102 - $344.95 Pipe Nipple for 1" Bantam Metering Valve 1014119 - $99.95 Pipe Nipple for 1 1/4" Bantam Metering Valve 1014120 - $84.95 Pipe Nipple for 1 1/12" Bantam Metering Valve 1014121 ...

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Abrasive Metering Valve PT 1 1/4" (TC) The pneumatic PT metering valve allows an easy and fast installation at the place of action. Besides a perfect flow of the blast media, it allows an exact and economical abrasive metering.The pneumatic functions can be used as a quick media shut off...Abrasive blasting machine valving - Metering valves, inlet & exhaust valves, pneumatic and electric controlled safety deadman. E-Series Economy Suction Blast Cabinets. Electric Deadman Control Switches. Abrasive Metering Valves. Remote Control Inlet, Combo and Exhaust Valves.